Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WAY out of my comfort zone!

 The cave of doom!
No...really just the civil defense caves.
 Believe you me, I think I would rather be involved in a nuclear fall out than live in this cave for more than a couple of hours.
 Mia's new camera ready smile...
 Our crew. I would never go down here without numbers and Skiff, Val's dog.
 Scary, right?
 This was called the "birth canal".
That should be self-explanatory.
I was so confused when we got out of there.
I thought left was right, up was down, and east was west.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Indee is missing a few things....

Her ToNsIlS!!!!

When we first got to the hospital Indee said "this is fun".
Waiting for the IV...
And that's big deal! 
She's still smiling.
And now she's hurting and she doesn't care if she can have all the popsicles in the world.
She's starting to feel a little better.
And we are outta here!
Good job Indee, you were a trooper and have had a long week recovering. But you've been a good patient.
btw: her voice is different now...anyone know if it will stay that way? 

Friday, August 26, 2011


Back to the swamp they go...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Add one more worry to my list....

I have never been to a circus....I can not say that anymore.

 We got our cotton candy
(maybe the top reason to go to a circus)
and we settled in.
 A man on a rolling board juggling swords...
not something you see everyday.
There were lots of side shows (freak shows).
In true circus form.
I wouldn't have expected anything less.
Although, no bearded lady or wolf-man.
 The elephants were the highlight.
 Yes...she is riding in his mouth.

Scouty loved it! And Canon didn't move.
He just sat there staring and drooling the whole time.
I have never seen him sit so still.
Maybe they should try a circus at church for him, then he would sit.
There were a ton of acrobats and gymnasts in this circus...
Indee kept telling me she wanted to join the circus.
Probably not my first choice in professions for this girl!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

This one's for Faren....

July 4th at Faren's private lake.

Chad and Avery and the Tetons in the back.

And my #4 child who is scared of the water.



Chad again...

Faren upside down....
I finally got the pics off my watch out.
I might over blog now....

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

 I don't know if you can see this saying very well...
 It says:
"The grass is always greener
with teachers like you."
We love Mrs. Onda K., Ms. Brown, Mrs. Mabey, and all of Sicilee's teachers.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just a little behind....

 What a busy month we've had...and I'm feeling a lot behind.
Sicilee started off the month by turning 14! Crazy!
Her face says what I am feeling! Yikes!
 She got to spend the week in California with her friend's family.
Sadly, she didn't care that we were not around to celebrate...
 I had to post about our friend's Easter egg hunt at their house.
 A night time Easter egg hunt with flash lights and people throwing water balloons from the trees!
 Haddi and her friend hit the "jackpot".
 Keeping our candy and turning the eggs back in.
 And....Indee turned 9!
 Her guitar... so she can rock it!
 And no picture would be complete without crazy faces.
 On to Easter...note to self...don't use colored plastic cups.
You can't tell what color is in them.
Kids didn't like it.
Another note to the instructions carefully...
could have saved us a last minute trip to the store to buy more dye kits.
 But 6 dozen eggs all worked out.
 And Sicilee...her first time "using toilette paper".
 And Chad and I got away...
 A cenote...
And my favorite...
It really was a busy month...